Why the name?

Basically the name stems from various sci-fi shows, most notably Star Trek (of which we are obviously fans). However, in our case this was merely a coincidence! The name actually took form in our heads after hearing the song Subspace Interference by Control Freaks

(Yes, we're really big fans of electronic music as well)



(in science fiction) a hypothetical space–time continuum used for communication at a speed faster than that of light.

About us

One designer and one developer. Between us lies all the knowledge we need to create dazzling solutions!

We've been dabbling with web development since the late 90's. And after a couple of really embarrassing first (and perhaps second) attempts, we've been making websites - both big and small - for various customers.

Magnus Engø

Magnus Engø


René Hagen Hage

René Hagen Hage



Welcome to the new Subspace Studios!

As mentioned up on top, we are currently pivoting away for our previous consultancy business, and we are making some new and exciting products. We're not ready to share anything just yet, but check back later for more updates!

About the site

We were so excited about making this new site, so even though it's not 100 percent complete we went ahead and launched it anyway!

It is built with modern web technologies and incorporates responsive web design, which means it will function just great on either your desktop, tablet or smartphone. And although we have crafted it with great care, the site will probably exhibit some bugs on older browsers, but we will try to mend any critical issues as we go along.

Want to be a part of Subspace Studios?

A bit further down the line we will start a private beta, and we will be accepting applications to join the beta. When we are ready to make an announcement we will open up the registration form.


Awesome! You found your way down here. Excellent!

If you would like to contact us please use our primary email address; post@subspacestudios.no.